Either way you read that is correct.
What you do with your brand is your business.
Likewise, your brand is your business. One in the same.

Your brand is simply the feeling that lives in the hearts and minds of your
customers and the public.  Everything people see and experience in contact
with your business or products contributes to the essence of your brand.  
Therefore, your brand is everything.


 We collaborate with you on brand concepts and names, we create logos, design
packaging and labels, ads and brochures – everything you need to build a
successful brand.

Since 1996, Graphic Jam has helped new and established, small to mid-size
natural products and other companies compete on the same level as the
leading national brands.  Being a small firm, we are more flexible, efficient and
affordable – but still offer the same knowledge, experience and skills you’d find
in a large agency.  Because you talk directly to the person who works on your
project, jobs can be completed much quicker with less hassle.

Your Natural Advantage
We work with you to define your natural advantage -- what is unique and
authentic about your brand.  We start by learning all we can about you, your
company, products and services, your needs and objectives.

We ask a lot of questions.
We listen.  And we keep asking more – until we get it.  

            Then, and only then, we can design something meaningful to the people                         you want to reach.  We want your customers to see and hear the real story             behind your brand.

A brand doesn't need a slogan or tag line - but it does need a story -- you can't
                          design a logo or build a brand until you know it and feel it.                            Something personal, unique and motivating.  

What makes you different?
What drives you?
What are you passionate about?  
What do you do as good or better than anyone else?

Once we find your story, we’ll design your brand, your products and
services to tell that story with your authentic voice to speak to your
customers’ values and lifestyles.  The result is a brand that’s uniquely
yours and stands out on it’s own in the marketplace.

When it's real, it shows.  When it’s memorable and they like it, they’ll tell
their others.  That’s your brand at it’s best.

Ask us.  Chances are we can design it for you.
Graphic Jam provides a wide range of creative services:

Brand Development  |  Name Generation  |  Logo Design   

Package & Label Design  |  Creative Advertising  |  Web Graphics

Private Label Branding  |  Brochures  |  Postcards & Mailers

Newsletter Design & Publishing  |  Stationery  |  Invitations

Cover Design  |  Posters  |  Exhibits  |  Trade Show & Event Marketing

Art & Creative Direction  |  Photo Enhancement