TJ Miller
Founder | Creative Director | Brand Strategist

TJ helps Natural Products and other companies find the story in their brand and weave it into their products and services at all touchpoints to engage and inspire the people they want to reach.

TJ founded Graphic Jam in 1996, shortly after moving to the tropical paradise of Sarasota, Florida, when his daughter Haven was just 5 months old.  He left a great job as a retail design and merchandising consultant at Tree of Life to get off the road and help his wife Florey establish their new family.  He had been honing his graphic skills for awhile -- enough to win a logo design competition, beating out large agencies, and have a neon wall graphic featured on the cover of Natural Foods Merchandiser.  

Designing almost his whole life, TJ studied at the University of Illinois, School of Architecture and The Ringling School of Art & Design. Working for a retail chain when he was 21, he merchandised entire supermarkets.  Soon, his brother got him to Florida to become owners of an independent supermarket in Leesburg.  In 1987, looking for a new challenge, he joined the leading natural products distributor, Tree of Life as Retail Services Manager. After nearly 9 years designing & merchandising over 300 natural products stores, he decided to start Graphic Jam.  He didn't have any clients, but he had earned the respect and made lifelong friends in all sectors of the natural products industry – manufacturing, distribution and retail.

TJ brings this wealth of experience with consumer packaged goods and retail merchandising, his design school training, and a lifelong fascination for the great brands, designers and illustrators to his role as creative director.  His vision combines his deep understanding of what makes products sell with creative talents rewarded by over two dozen local, regional & national awards.

With his dedication to natural & organic products, health & wellness and sustainability, TJ is uniquely qualified to design for the natural products industry.

TJ is passionate about helping your company tell your story, shape it with unique and compelling designs, and give your new and established products & services the strength to stand out in the competitive marketplace.  Most of all, he wants your customers to be so thrilled with your brand that they will tell everyone about it.




Dawn Klee
Contributing Designer | Owner Creative Design Group

Dawn has been essential to several of the projects at Graphic Jam since 2004.   She was the principal designer of the award winning PSG logo and Mountain States Rosen line of Natural Lamb products. 

Founder of the Creative Design Group, Dawn has been creating innovative advertising and design for more than fifteen years.  Originally from Long Island, NY, she received her degree in Advertising & Graphic Design from Cazenovia College.  Winner of several ADDY® Awards from the AAF, she was President of  the Suncoast Advertising Federation from 2004-2006 and works with several non-profit organizations in her community.



David Grace
Web Design & Development Partner | Owner | Abacus Web Services