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It was 1982, and another postcard perfect spring morning in Leesburg, Florida.  
My brother and I were owners of a small independent supermarket directly
accross the street from a much larger Publix (the nation's highest rated chain in customer satisfaction for the last 15 years*).  I was also the produce manager.

A slender man, well in his 80's, wearing suspenders and a pageboy cap, pushed
a shopping cart full of beautiful, fresh spring onions tied in large bunches with
twine.  He told me his name was Mr. Matthews and that the previous manager
had always bought his onions whenever he brought them in.  Before I could give
him an answer, a woman dug two bunches out of the cart and asked how much
they were.  He told me what they used to sell for and I quickly made a sign,
adding his name at the top.  The rest of the afternoon, people came in, all
seemed to know Mr. Matthews, and proceeded to buy all of his onions.  









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